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Wedding Venue

Our sister, Unveiled by LUCCIOLA, affirms our relationship with regional specialist wedding planners across Italy to support you in the planning of your destination wedding.

Because your destination wedding is more than just a wedding but a travel experience. 

We offer The Complete Wedding & Travel Consultation service, uniting English speaking wedding planners across Italy and Travel Specialist LUCCIOLA to make your wedding and honeymoon one smooth operation for you and guests.

Always dreamed of a destination wedding but daunted by

the language barrier and cultural differences?

We bring you the planners & suppliers

who speak your language.

To love and be loved.
To understand, and be understood.

To us, the planning experience with you is as, if not more, important as the day itself, so we cannot wait to meet you!

Bride and Groom
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Like it is no coincidence LUCCIOLA Travel and Italy Destination Wedding Planners are a perfect match, you landed on this page for a reason...

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Are you an English speaking wedding industry planner / supplier seeking a travel partner to recommend to your bride & groom clients?

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