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LUCCIOLA introduces: Ginny Bevan of Weddings at Lake Garda


LUCCIOLA is super excited to announce this collaboration with Ginny & her company

Weddings at Lake Garda

  • 12 Years of Experience

  • Your Civil Wedding Ceremony

  • Wedding Legalities & Multilingual Certificate

  • Your Personal Translator & Interpreter

  • Presence & Support from Planning to Party

Hi, I’m Ginny. I am British born but found myself following my heart, and fake Italian boyfriend (now husband), to Italy a good few years ago, specifically Lake Garda where we live.

Since setting up Weddings at Lake Garda I have planned well over 200 weddings which range from intimate affairs with just the couple (before micro weddings were a thing) to more elaborate celebrations on a private island with guests from all over the world. Lake Garda offers so many opportunities in terms of venues and views that there really is a solution for everyone.

You could be just my kind of customer

The couples that I love to work with are those that just simply love Italy, particularly Lake Garda and just want to share this special moment in their journey as a couple with the people they know will hold them up and celebrate for them, with them. They also love the idea that their guests can make a holiday out of the experience.

Why I am precisely who you are looking for...

I am a natural organizer but as a personality I’m pretty relaxed and easy going and I have been told so often by my couples that this combination has helped them trust the process, relax and enjoy the journey and that’s really where all of my job satisfaction comes from. I love to help people so if I can make the planning of your wedding a relaxed and enjoyable affair, guiding you through the ‘wedmin’, keeping you on track with what needs to be decided on without it adding to some of natural stress that comes with such an important moment then I am in my happy place.

Being British but living in Italy means that I have an acute understanding of where there are going to be differences between expectations and ways of working and I can therefore not just literally translate Italian for my couples but culturally translate for them as well. At times the differences don’t seem so great and other times there is a chasm of incomprehension and in those moments my couples are so pleased to know I have them covered.

Extending your stay in Italy for your honeymoon? LUCCIOLA will work with you, and with Ginny, to make this one smooth, enchanting operation.

In partnership with

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