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Ginny has the pleasure of living on Lake Garda herself and has been wedding planning in Italy for over 12 years now, realising many couple’s dreams - this could be you!


With Ginny’s extensive specialist knowledge, she provides the not-so-dreamy ‘Ginny’s Essentials’ to ensure all legalities and practical obstacles like language barriers are covered, as well as wanting to hear each individual vision.


If you feel a chill out yoga session may be necessary on the morning of, or fancy a speedboat for the two of you to your wedding, or even a string quartet to play you out, Ginny has all these extra luxuries covered plus so much more – so, you explain your vision, and she will deliver! Ginny will also be there to support you in person so you’re in safe hands.


LUCCIOLA is super excited to announce this collaboration with Ginny & her company
Weddings at Lake Garda

12 Years of Experience

Your CIvil Wedding Ceremony

Wedding Legalities
& Multilingual Certificate

Your Personal Translator
& Interpreter

Presence & Support from Planning to Party 

Extending your stay in Italy for your honeymoon? LUCCIOLA will work with you, and with Ginny, to make this one smooth, enchanting operation

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